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Kuprkabi is a specialized ceramic design studio which aims to maximize the power of clay to design and develop products which are a representation of Kuprkabi LOGO in you.

The studio specializes in

- custom designed ceramic products
- consultancy to private institutions and government sectors
- projects with NGOs working with craft communities
- spreading of pottery & ceramic awareness programs


What the name means

Kup  -   cup
Rkabi  -   Rakabi means saucer in Gujarathi ( a language spoken in Gujarat, a western state of India)

Cup and Saucer are the basic forms / products used by everyone all over the world. These are also the basic product line manufactured by all studio potters. The name also sounds very Sanskrit.


Kuprkabi has developed a wide and exclusive product range of its own.

Some of these products are in international museums and have won critical acclaim across the world.

These exclusive items are available only at Kuprkabi studio and select shops in the city of Mumbai.

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