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Kuprkabi is the brainchild of Vanmala Jain, a Graduate of National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India, with a specialization in Ceramics.

Over the years she has been teaching at premier institutions of India, such as :
- IIT, Mumbai, (1995 − 2003)
- SNDT, Mumbai (1987 − 1994) and
- JJ School of Art, Mumbai (1986 − 1993)


To her credit she has a number of assignments with the Government of India, the State Governments, NGO′s and private companies. She also conducts workshops and seminars for people from varied backgrounds of life.

Vanmala′s passion is to upgrade the standards of Ceramic design in the country. She has given many lectures, slide shows and presentations to further her cause.


The products designed and developed by her are exclusive, customized and modern. Her approach to every project or venture is to start with the belief that:

              "Go in search of your people
                Love them
                Learn from them
                Plan with them
                Serve them
                Begin with what they know
                Build on what they have."

Excerpt from :"Village Technology in Eastern Africa"

--- Copyright 2006, Mrs. Vanmala Jain : Kuprkabi - Ceramic Design Studio. All Rights Reserved. ---