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The workshops introduce participants to the age old material Clay which is a rewarding experience of interaction with clay. It is about the responsiveness one feels at the slightest touch when clay is held in one′s hand.The urge is to go further to exlpore to try out possibilities of this fascinating material.


Teaching sessions and Workshops are meant for beginners who have no idea about methods and material for the simplest pottery and may later go on to receive instructions at higher levels. The premium clients for such workshops varies from corporates, children during summertime, college students and people who look for a material specific hobby.

      • Special Sessions for "Mother & Child"
      • Stress Buster programmes for Corporates
      • Workshops for Educational Institutions


Workshops with artisans and crafts people from different backgrounds who have varied skills, eg. Bamboo work, terracota, cold ceramics, zari-zardozi embroidery, dari weaving etc. are undertaken as part of NGO activities held in their respective communities in various parts of the country. These artisans / crafts people are associated with the studio by doing job-work, in return for marketing, promoting and positioning of their products in the domestic and international markets. By adopting these traditional crafts, the veranacular designs get incorporated into products which find place in urban lifestyles today.

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